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Starting with a futurist exercise led by ACIF,  along  with some ideas, drawings, and styrofoam 3D models, TUM  students worked  with  several African university teams to develop the initial plans and first development steps.  This went through multiple iterations...and Med-aCar was born into the aCar family!


Program Description

Med-aCar is envisioned to be a network of  mobile medical care  vehicles that bring care directly to the patients.  Very few people have transportation and have to walk wherever they go.  This is on top of the fact that funds just aren’t available to build the clinic/office/hospital network either.  100’s of billions of $$$ in capital infrastructure could be avoided.


Results to date

100’s of patients have been through our pilot program in Imo State, Nigeria.  A local surgeon has taken on the leadership role for us and a full time talented Registered Nurse is our Field Director.  Presently we are moving from village to village with our pilot to market exposure.  We have linked and co-branded with a local well respected church hospital (Holy Rosary Hospital).