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Aku-Ubi Farmers’ Coop



An initial program that ACIF started with in Nigeria was called Winning with Agricultural Research and Extension.  Balancing the supply chain was a key strategy for this effort.  One of the major needs was to build the strength of the small farmer part of that chain.  Aku-Ubi was created to deliver this.  Aku-Ubi is Igbo for the “Palace of the Farm.” 


Results to Date

Aku-Ubi has offices in the Cooprestive Union Building located on Imo State  Polytechnic property.  ACIF worked with Imo State to modify its charter to accommodate supporting farming coops; thus making room for project work to support Aku-Ubi.  It has sponsored several State wide training programs for the farmers and built relationships with suppliers.  Our Managing Director is Oke Awogu, the largest pineapple farmer in Nigeria.  Henrietta  Nzurumike, from the State Ag Dept is also helping lead smaller cooperatives to join our master Coop.  She is pictured in the photo.


The Future of Aku-Ubi

The future is bright for Aku -Ubi.  It not only is growing in terms of membership across Imo State, but has created an excellent link for future export of products made by Coop members with the Nigerian Export Council.  The current Managing Director, Oke Awogu has been a support for ACIF for more than ten years and is highly respected among the young farmers in the State.