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Mobility is what is missing in the sub Saharan.  Mobility is what led to the industrial revolution experienced in all the highly developed countries around the world.   aCar brings this mobility in an affordable form to low income farmers and their farms,  their products,  and their businesses,  



Med-aCar is a network of specially designed aCars which bring primary medical care including eye health.  Each village is envisioned to have a matrix of Med-aCars that all bring primary care along with one “specialty.”  This not only brings medical care directly to the people, but it does it without the impossible building of expensive brick & mortar infrastructure.

Aku-Ubi Farmers’ Cooperative

Aku-Ubi registration in Imo State

Aku-Ubi is a cooperative  organized at the state level in Nigeria.  Our primary pilot is located in Imo State.  It brings farmers together providing scale for purchasing and selling as well as training and sharing best practices.  Recently it has bulit a close relationship with the Federal Govt Export Department.

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