The American Christian International Foundation, Inc. (ACIF) was officially chartered on October 15, 1997. It was registered in the State of Nebraska, by Dr. Matthias Okoye M.D., J.D.

Dr. Okoye had and still has a deep desire to bring help to countries on several fronts. There is a bit of a story that led him to this point. He was born in Nigeria and through various Graces and support from others, he received the necessary help, mentoring, and opportunity to become a medical doctor and lawyer in the USA. In so doing, the deep desire to create similar opportunity for those in challenged environments provided the lift underneath his wings to create the ACIF.

The American Christian International Foundation was chartered to promote and foster open societies throughout the world. It protects the rights of minorities and repressed groups. It is an organization helping people in the USA as well as globally. It sponsors activity and projects to improve the physical, mental and spiritual well being of people. Its focus is on developing regions where the need state is highest. It provides and implements emergency assistance, protection for abused persons, empowerment for women, agricultural and food supply strategies, medical care, and public health education and programs. All of its efforts aim for sustainable improvement in both life expectancy and the quality of life.

To this end, ACIF now sponsors several different project areas within its "Family of Projects." John Gregg, through a connection with and influence of the Most Rev. Dr. Archbishop A. J. V. Obinna, joined the effort in 2007 working on funding expanding a girl's high school and then introducing a major agricultural effort (WARE). This project has as its primary objective extending Life Expectancy by relaunching the food supply chain in Southeast Nigeria. Dr. Okoye and John co-sponsored the Owerri People's Health Clinic Network Project as well. ACIF also joined hands with some existing organizations/efforts that together advance the original charter of ACIF. Two such efforts are Hands & Hearts (directed by a compassionate Registered Nurse, Teri Dreher) and Water is Life (directed by Jim Grumley, a long time Rotarian.)

Later in 2011, the African Health and Agricultural Foundation was registered in Nigeria to have an African based organization to operate from as well as compliment the USA registered ACIF.