A special story on What is Possible
My lovely wife, of 32 years, and I have "adopted" a family, by the Grace of God, near the town I spend 15% of my time, Owerri - Nigeria.  A little girl was put in my path during one of my trips to the region last year.   From more than 50 feet away in a crowd of hundreds of children, it immediately struck me that she had similar facial features to one of our granddaughters.... The thought that struck me immediately was, “My granddaughter is dying in Nigeria of malnutrition.” It swept my heart away immediately and overwhelmed me (and still does, even as I write this)....but I quickly took a photo of her right away before she disappeared into the crowd.  Maybe you don't see the resemblance... but as I am blind (in many ways) I saw and still see it very clearly.  The comparison photo is the one you see above.

At first she snuck off into crowd and seemingly I had lost her.  
On returning back to the USA, I sent the photo to a close friend there and gave him the task of finding the little girl.  In 24 hours a miracle occurred.  He found her family, living out in the jungle, in a small partially built "home".  Her name is Helen.   She is one of five kids.  The bad news is that her father had just been killed by a stray bullet, accidentally, in a political uprising in the center of the village...the loser in a mayoral election had sent a death-wish posse into town to kill the winner and his comrades.  Her dad just happened to be in town at the same unfortunate time.  So the family is orphaned now with no income.  
Kathy and I are finishing building their home, paying tuition for the kids to go to school, and providing for their needs.  This is all being done for less than you would imagine.  However, what is clear is that there are serious opportunities on every corner there. One only needs to be awake to see them.  And then have a little courage to do something about them.

John Gregg