Balanced Food Supply Chain
Aku-Ubi Cooperative (AUC…"Farmer's Palace") is being created that ties all farmers together into one common organization providing them with scale. It is organized by geography/region (The lead pilot will be in Ohaji). It allows farmers to engage in key activities that a well educated, sound farming business would concern themselves with. This scale also funds a “Demonstration Nucleus Farm,” which the Regional Coop will utilize, in conjunction with local agric universities to identify, practice, and train the entire farming community on best crop management science and practices. It also transforms farmers into scale business persons. Scale creates a sound bargaining position on obtaining properly priced and secure supplies from fertilizer/equipment input vendors.
The red items represent the horizontal components of the business model. They cut across all Farming Units, providing advice, service, and/or perform a specific function, which individual Farmers aren't equipped to do on their own.  The function performed is in bold-font at the top of the box.  The proposed Leader of this function is in parentheses.
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Coop Network
The Lead Pilot Region is Ohaji, Nigeria. Click on the item below to learn more…