The Business Model balances the overall supply chain for various crops marketed in Imo State and potential neighboring states. Various elements of the supply chain being addressed are provided below. None of them operate smoothly at present nor are they balanced.

  • There are shortages on inputs. Virtually no fertilizer is reaching farmers today in Imo. The Imo region application of fertilizer is less than 10% of what is required based on sound agric experience.
  • Farming is inefficient and chaotic as it is largely split among a highly segmented population. There are 60,000 + farmers (with some estimates suggesting there are 200,000 or more farmers in reality in the region). Farmers are not united missing any opportunity for scale.
  • Transportation is disorganized and fragmented. The roads are inadequate to handle distribution needs.
  • Manufacturing doesn’t exist at present. These production lines will be the first of their kind in the region.