Agricultural Projects

We provide an infrastructure for agricultural projects with major impact on developing countries. The two leading projects are WARE and WIL.

WARE - Winning with African Research and Extension
This project balances the entire food supply chain for a given crop all the way from the inputs to the farmers, through the farming process and harvest and all the way through manufacturing to the market place. It creates supply chain blocks where they don't exist and builds and improves blocks that are sub-optimum. It builds Regional Farmer Cooperatives, Common Demonstration Farms and attracts manufactures to the region.
ARI - Agricultural Renewal Initiative
Initially this project, largely funded by Rotary Club support has expanded its scope from building wells to include strategies strategies that engage affecting Microfinancing Loans, Mobile Money, and utilizing Biometrics to get funds in farmers hands. Good connections have also been made with One Acre Fund, a highly successful program in Kenya and elsewhere.
Pineapple Plant