Dear Friend,

It is that time again where we, at ACIF, send out our annual Adam’s Mission appeal. Our appeal has now been in place for years now and you have been so generous. Some have told us that the work we do at ACIF inspires them...Well, I want to tell you that your giving has been equally inspiring. In our experience across Africa, we have discovered many tree varieties that deliver things you could have never imagined. It’s unfortunate, that, even in the deepest corners of the tropics, we’ve yet to find a tree with money hanging from the branches :-)

Overall, I have personally engaged in Nigeria since 2005. A key factor that allows us to keep moving forward is your generosity. So we are coming to you again.

Year end summary
It has been another exciting year. Plenty of positive upticks for us. Some big changes as well. All in all a good year in a very challenging political and repressed economic Nigerian environment. Senior Nigerian leadership have created this hostile environment. It has become a bit dangerous and challenging for our farmers due to some mean spirited tribal groups that see themselves as special, propping themselves up at other’s demise. They are also armed with military grade weapons, while the common Igbo farmers have nothing to defend themselves with, given the strict gun Nigerian laws.

Despite this situation, we continue to deliver results...
  • Assembly plant being built for aCar. Evum Motors has been hiring and training staff now and plans to have vehicles coming off the line in the first or second quarter of 2019. We will get one of the first off the line for our work in Nigeria. There are many other countries now preparing initiatives to implement aCar assembly on their home turfs. You can learn more about this at the following sites…. www.evum-motors.com and https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=31&v=mrd5Szn2nyI
  • On Med-aCar, our new Field Director, Emmanuel Ikenna R.N., has been taking our Med-aCar clinic to several new villages throughout the state of Imo, Nigeria. Dr. Valentine Opene M.D., our Nigerian Med-a Car Leader has pushed relentlessly to advance the program. It’s outright moving to see the look on the children’s faces when they have new eye glasses. Many adults have now come through the clinic, learning more about their diabetic conditions and high blood pressure disease. A big benefit is all of the public health training that is offered by Med-aCar personnel. More on Med-aCar in this YouTube: https://youtu.be/mnx6ErvaKos
  • On Aku-Ubi, our farming coop, we have advanced training for farmers and kept the ball moving on having farmers prepare goods for export. We are now looking into farming turmeric in addition to the pineapples and other crops we have pulled farmers together on.

It has been a busy year again.

Thanks to you.

We have become accustomed to your ongoing support.

Again there are two ways to donate. The first is sending a check to…

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or donating via PayPal by going to this page in the ACIF website and clicking on the PayPal Donate Button Icon.